30-Second Review

Today, I’m going to give you my top 10 picks for eyeliner brands. I have many different colors, but I will be looking at how well they look and how they stay on, specifically.

How We Found the Best Eyeliner

To find the best eyeliners, we looked at how well they go on and how the color looks.

Our Picks For The Best Eyeliner

Best Overall Eyeliner-Ciate Wonderwand

This stuff is amazing! I got it in a subscription bag, and it is one of the best eyeliner pencils I’ve ever used.




Runner-Up- Claire’s Eyeliner Gel

This kit came with an angled brush, so it is perfect for doing winged eyeliner.

Best Eyeliner Crayon- Maybelline Master Kajal

This is my go-to brown eyeliner; although, it does come in other colors.


Best Liquid Eyeliner- Hard Candy Walk The Line

I have this one in grey, and it goes on so well. It has a brush, but it makes a perfect line.


Best Metallic Eyeliner- Kat Von D Lightning Liner

This stuff is beautiful and it goes on so well. I have it in purple.

Eyeliner With Sharpener Attachment- Hard Candy Take Me Out Liner

I have three of these. The gold and white make for great highlighters underneath the eye, and I also have a purple one.

Best Felt Tip Eyeliner- Hard Candy Stroke Of Gorgeous

I also have this in grey, and it is amazing. It is great for a nice, thin line.

Best Pencil With Smudger- Covergirl Queen Vivid Impact

This is great for when I want to do a smudged line. It has a nice foam tip on the other side of the pencil. I have it in purple.

Another Metallic Pencil- Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips

I have this in dark and light grey as well as brown. They go on very well.

Best Mineral Eyeliner- Mirenesse Cat Eyes Liner

This one is so nice, I bought it twice. I have it in mauve and blue.


Quick Review of Results

The Best

Ciate Wonderwand


Claire’s Eyeliner Gel

Best Eyeliner Crayon

Maybelline Master Kajal

Best Liquid Eyeliner

Hard Candy Walk The Line

Best Mineral Eyeliner

Mirenesse Cat Eyes Liner

Best Metallic Eyeliner

Kat Von D Lightning Liner

Eyeliner With Sharpener Attachment

Hard Candy Take Me Out Liner

Best Felt Tip Eyeliner

Hard Candy Stroke Of Gorgeous

Best Pencil With Smudger

Covergirl Queen Vivid Impact

Another Metallic Pencil

Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips